Your Word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. Psalm 119:105
Your Word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You! Psalm 119:11
Introduction to the Book of Matthew – 8/21/2022 Matthew   Play MP3
Jesus Immanuel, God with Us – 8/28/2022 Matthew 1   Play MP3
Wise men still seek Him – 9/4/2022 Matthew 2   Play MP3
The Forerunner of Jesus – 9/11/2022 Matthew 3   Play MP3
The temptations that Jesus endured – 9/18/2022 Matthew 4   Play MP3
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Plea Against Corruption – 9/8/2022 Micah 1   Play MP3
The sinful people of God – 9/15/2022 Micah 2   Play MP3
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Many ways to be saved??? – 4/17/2022 Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
The Birth of the King of all kings – 12/19/2021 Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
Words from the Risen Savior – 4/4/2021 Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
Are you sure about the Virgin Birth? – 12/20/2020 Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
The empty tomb and the bodily resurrection of Jesus – 4/12/2020 Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
What does Christmas mean to you? – 12/22/2019 Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
Blessed hope for the hurting Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
Is it really a silent and holy night? Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
Stop Wiggling Selected Scriptures   Play MP3
Psalm 42 – 7/10/2022 – Pastor Peter Martin Psalm 42   Play MP3
The Greatest Object Lesson Ever Told – 5/8/2022 – Pastor Herb Perez 2 Kings 6   Play MP3
The weapon of my warfare is prayer – Deacon Gary Hurley Matthew 6:5-15  
What do we need the most? – Pastor Bill Holdridge John 14:15-18   Play MP3
Instruction for achieving true humility – Pastor Merrill Simon James 4:7-12   Play MP3
The untamable tongue – Pastor Merrill Simon James 3:1-12   Play MP3
Consider being separated – Deacon Gary Hurley 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1   Play MP3
Church or Christ – Deacon Gary Hurley Matthew 7:21-23   Play MP3