Joonho ‘JK’ Kim


Joonho ‘JK’ Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. He came to the United States with his beautiful wife Karen and infant child Michelle in 1981. Prior to coming to the States, he graduated from a fine arts college in Korea and has a BA degree. After he came to America, he worked for a Yellow Pages publishing company as a graphic designer for 21 years.

In 1987, JK’s friend led him to Christ. Until then, he thought that he was good enough to go to heaven, as if God owed him anything. In his own words, he was an arrogant and ignorant sinner. When the Lord showed him that he was nothing without Him, JK broke down and received Christ into his heart.

He got involved with a prison ministry at the AZ State Prison Wilmot Complex in 1989. He started to teach the Bible to the prison inmates in 1990. He continued his prison ministry until 2000. In 1990 JK’s family started to attend Calvary Chapel Tucson. At the later part of the prison ministry, he started to fill in the pulpits of some of the Calvary Chapel pastors in AZ, while they were on vacation. While he was doing that, he felt that the Lord was calling him to be a pastor of a church. In 2001, he started a Bible study in Sahuarita, AZ that was an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel Tucson. A year later, it became Calvary Chapel of Sahuarita.

JK firmly believes that the Lord wants all of us to have uncompromising and practical verse by verse biblical instructions from His Word. And that is exactly how he teaches in Calvary Chapel of Sahuarita. He is straight forward, NOT politically correct, nor has he ever cared to be. But he does very much care to be godly correct.

Ben Peña


Ben oversees the Multimedia Ministries – Audio, Visual, Video, Social Media, Internet, and Information Technology Ministries. He is a member of the Board of Directors.

Bob Snider


Bob Snider is the Treasurer of our church. He oversees the Accounting Receivable and Payable Ministries.

Gary Hurley


Gary Hurley oversees the Men’s Prayer Breakfast Ministry, Communion Preparation Ministry, Greeters Ministry, Prayer Ministry, and New Believers’ Class.

Don Marion


Don Marion oversees Security Ministry, Property Servant Ministry, and Janitorial Ministry.

Roger Harrison


Roger Harrison oversees the Property Improvement Ministry, Chapel Bookstore Ministry, and Birthday Card Ministry.

Victor Rodriguez


Victor Rodriguez oversees the Pre-K and Kindergarten Ministry, Grade 1-2 Ministry, Grade 3-5 Ministry, Grade 6-8 Ministry, and Grade 9-12 Ministry.

Karen Kim

Women's Ministry Director

Karen Kim oversees the Women’s Ministries – Women’s Bible Study Ministries, Women’s Monthly Brunch Ministries, Hospitality Ministry, Women’s Annual Retreat Ministry, Cafe Selah Ministry, and Operation Christmas Child Ministry.

Brenda Seymour

Office Manager

Brenda Seymour is the Office Manager and manages the Accounting Receivable and Payable Ministries.